A Female Contractor?

If you’ve attending networking events you should be familiar with the question, “So what do you do?” to my response, “I own a home improvement company”, I often get one of two reactions. 1) With a huge surprised smile – “Wow, a female contractor. That’s great!” or 2) With a questionable look – “So, do you own it or do you work for the company?”

I love both reactions because it opens up a platform for dialogue, which in my opinion is healthy. Although female Contractors are far and few, we’re out there. And we’re expanding. From time to time I also perform some of the construction work if more hands are needed on deck.

New Year Remodeling

Most home owners have a goal to remodel their home either before or right after the New Year. Given that in 2016 is right around the corner, you may want to consider hiring a Woman Owned Home Improvement Company to complete your next project. One thing about women that I must admit is we pay attention to detail. That goes for everything.

Here’s a video from our recent project in Silver Spring, MD.


Hire Us For Your Next Project

Whether you’re in need of a Contractor for yourself, a friend or a client, consider Uprising Builders, LLC for your next project. For more info please visit our website. You can view pictures on our Facebook, Google+ and Houzz websites.

Happy Holidays and may the New Year 2016 bring you an abundance of love, happiness, good heath, wealth and prosperity!



Alyscia Cunningham
Uprising Builders, LLC



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