The Beauty of Simlicity

As an artist at times it is very challenging to separate oneself from the quality of a project. Almost always a client will hire us based on the style of work we produce. They appreciate the attention to detail, custom touch and trust that they will receive a uniquely completed project. I love these clients! Trust is everything.

In rare cases, some clients want the same product as the client listed above but choose to design it on their own. In this case I still give my opinion but it really comes down to what the client wants.

The complexity in one attempting to design their own project without having an artist/designer’s eye is honestly not the best combination. They often mix and match different patterns and colors and end up not appearing as a cohesive space.

The most valuable advice I can give in this situation is simply to keep it simple. Adding a variety of shapes and colors can sometimes work, if you have an eye, but in most cases it’s best to keep these to a minimum or choose colors that blend well together.

Below are a few examples of simple ideas that create a well organized space in your home.


UB-work-sample-Picture 022


UB-work-sample-Picture 002


Here are a few other sites with beautifully coordinated interior designer sites:
Hunted Interior – focusing on hunting for your own personal style
Room Envy – Bedroom scheme -simple home designs
decor8 -inspiring interiors and ideas for creative living
inhabitat – environmentally conscious design

Always remember if you need help ask the Contractor, Interior Designer or a specialist at the paint or home improvement store. Or if you’re not exactly sure of the best design, keep in mind that there is beauty in simplicity.


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